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Vilhelm Parfumerie Room Service EDP

Vilhelm Parfumerie

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Inspired by Greta Garbo, who often retreated to her hotel room to keep the world at bay, Room Service is all about the private pleasures of solitude that may be enjoyed in a luxurious hotel room when left alone to our own devices. Fittingly, the fragrance is a boudoir-ish floral oriental, with touches of film noir and 1940's glamour. Opening with a sheer wash of blackberries and orange over a powdery sandalwood, it is immediately apparent that this is a very pretty, ultra-feminine scent suitable for femme fatales who value the rituals of dress and bath before dinner. The whispers of violet petals, pink orchid, and green bamboo recall the cool, faint touch of cosmetic powder that floats in the air of the boudoir. A scent that demands a pair of fluffy pink Marabou slippers and one finger on the hotel' room service button.