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Une Nuit Nomade Nothing But Sea And Sky 50ml

Une Nuit Nomade

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Une Nuit Nomade Nothing but Sea and Sky Eau de Parfum 50 ml is a unisex musk perfume. Walt Whitman composed a poem titled "From Montauk Point" in his well-known poetry book "Leaves of Grass," in which he quotes himself as saying, "Nothing, but sea and sky."In winter, the world comes to an end at Montauk Point, popularly known as The End. The beach is covered in snowflakes as a blizzard's breath covers the sky in a blanket of white. The choppy waves resemble a vast cotton field blooming. The fragrance Nothing but Sea and Sky Eau de Parfum 50 ml pays homage to Montauk during the snowfall. The scent is comforting, a stole of white musks mixed with milky notes of sandalwood.