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The Spirit of Dubai Majalis 50ml [TESTER] (NO CAP)

The Spirit of Dubai

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*These are new & unused tester bottles. The fragrance and bottle are exactly the same as retail bottles - the only difference being the box they come in and the absence of the cap. Spirit of Dubai tester bottles come in a cellophane-sealed tester box, not in retail packaging. Perfect if you're buying for yourself and not as a gift!*

The mingling fragrances of heady qahwa (Arabic coffee) and dates mixed with heavenly royal pure rose Taif, cardamom, musk brings to life the rich and full-bodied scent of Dubai Majalis. Rich like the feel of Persian rugs and intricate patterns, Dubai Majalis is the flying carpet to take you on a sensory journey of Arabian hospitality. A truly unique and breakthrough fragrance.