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Simone Andreoli Vicebomb Eau De Parfum Intense 100ml

Simone Andreoli

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The insatiable vice wraps the sins of gluttony and lust in the intoxicating embrace of dark cherries, swiftly diving into creamy vanilla ice cream. Accents of salted caramel crystallize, teasing the taste buds and plunging the mind into temptation. This decadent sweetness, amplified by notes of tonka beans, ylang-ylang, and soft amber, creates sinuous shapes, like intertwining sensual bodies. The Vice Bomb is the essence of twilight vice; intense and overpowering.

Top Notes:
Caramel, Cherry, Red Fruits
Heart Notes: Sugar, Vanilla, Ylang-Ylang
Base Notes: Ambergris, Tonka Beans, Woody Notes