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Simone Andreoli Sunplosion - Aloha State Of Mind Eau De Parfum Intense 100ml

Simone Andreoli

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Experience an explosion of vitality and energy, enveloped in the Hawaiian sun! Surfers, towering waves, sun-kissed skin, and a sense of freedom that reigns supreme on the magnificent beaches of Oahu... Savor the taste of the Hawaiian Islands, celebrating the symbolic fruit of this locale, emitting a unique fragrance - exquisite mango from Makaha. The introduction of fresh lime illuminates the bright and ripe mango flesh, enriched with nuances of guava and transparent shades of coconut water. Aloha! Lime, mango pulp, guava, coconut water, hibiscus, white sandalwood.

Top Notes:
Lime, Mango
Heart Notes: Coconut Water, Guava
Base Notes: Hibiscus, White Sandal