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Simone Andreoli Leisure In Paradise Eau De Parfum Intense 100ml

Simone Andreoli

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A fruity perfumed water for both men and women.

The key chord of the composition is an overdose of coconut milk and vanilla, heralded by a burst of fruity and lively notes at the beginning, where papaya and distant pineapple notes instill a sense of immediate well-being. It is through these intense fruity notes that an emotional journey to paradise begins. The sweet scent of papaya spreads right onto the beaches of the Caribbean Sea, onto the white sands under the shade of palms, admiring the view of the crystal-clear water.

This fragrance, enriched with notes of pineapple, ignites emotions, beginning an ageless moment. Hands come to a rest, and all that can be heard is the rustle of waves gently kissing the shore.

The olfactory dimension continues with creamy and exotic notes of coconut milk and languid vanilla, which transport you to a dimension of leisure and carefreeness. Sensations reminiscent of a vacation in a tropical paradise, where an overdose of deep sweetness caresses the sense of smell against the backdrop of a marvelous sunset. Here is the light, reflected off the water body. An intoxicating moment. A rougher shade of Caribbean wood gives the fragrance drier nuances.

Top Notes:
Heart Notes: Coconut Milk, Vanilla
Base Notes: Woody Notes