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Roja Parfums Parfum de La Nuit 1, 100ml [Clearance]


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With the ‘Parfums De La Nuit’ collection, Roja Dove wanted to create a range of fragrances that allow us to expose our true primal urges - which rarely surface during the day. He has always loved overtly sensual perfumes, and so created Parfums De La Nuit as a collection of three scents which allow us to reveal the inner desires lurking within us all. A set of three voluptuous fragrances with their endless list of high-end ingredients and exquisite presentation. Parfum de la Nuit 1 is a wonderfully warm, deeply woodsy ode to the passion and decadence of the evening. It opens with a subtle zing of bergamot, then quickly wraps around a majestically deep wood blend that evokes ornately paneled walls and rich, polished dark woods. Resin-infused patchouli and vetiver, earthy and savory, are given contrast and heat with a clove and saffron forward spice blend. Finally, in the compellingly long-lasting base, the true power of this pure parfum comes into the forefront, as creamy vanilla and deep labdanum mingle with balsamic notes of tolu and gently powdery tonka.