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Roja O - The Exclusive Perfume


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A truly unique composition which brings the vibrancy of a classic Eau de Cologne into the rich and sophisticated world of pure parfum-making. The bright, vivacious impact of cool Geranium, tart Raspberry and lively Pink Pepper introduce an immense lift - paying homage to the freshness of a Cologne. But these deeper, richer materials do not live in the Citrus-heavy world of the Cologne, instead nodding to the style in the way they invigorate the senses. Beneath, a complex base of indulgent materials make a profound presence as enveloping Saffron lends its smoky tones to the smooth sensuality of Leather, with rich Casmir Wood and legendary Aoud rounding O into a rather lavish and exotic creation

KEY INGREDIENTS: Geranium, Raspberry, Pink Pepper, Saffron, Patchouli, Casmir Wood, Aoud