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Roja Chypre Extraordinaire


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A unique take on the classical Chypré scent structure – a typically woody and mossy style of fragrance which displays a refined strength of character - this creation transforms it into something new and extraordinary. Paying homage to the Chypré’s namesake island of Cyprus, a foundation of Moss Notes alongside Cedar and Sandal Woods bring the beauty of Mother Nature to life. This exquisite Chypré Parfum features a bright burst of Bergamot mingles with the juicy voluptuous of Peach, whose softness continues through an indulgent heart of creamy Tuberose and Ylang Ylang and rounds the entirety off with a velvety-soft smoothness.

KEY INGREDIENTS: Bergamot, Tuberose, Ylang Ylang, Peach, Clove, Moss, Styrax