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Roja Black Tier


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The highest level of Harrods reward card shoppers, the Black Tier is a world reserved solely for those who indulge in only the finest things that money can buy. Creating a scent specifically for these discerning consumers of luxury goods resolves in a luxury perfume it becomes hedonistic. The sweet tones of Rose and Raspberry weave gently upon a breeze of powdery Orris, whilst a touch of vibrant Black Pepper is sublimated by the softness of luxurious Saffron. The hypnotic, smoky tones of a rare gum resin - Opoponax - lend an otherworldly effect to leathery Labdanum and super-soft Suede, which sink into the sumptuous styling of Casmir, Sandal and, Aoud Woods to create a fragrance of unrivalled softness and warmth.

KEY INGREDIENTS: Rose, Raspberry, Saffron, Casmir Wood, Sandalwood, Aoud, Orris, Opoponax, Suede, Ambergris