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Nishane Nefs 50ml


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An oriental inspired dark and creamy composition created by perfumer Chris Maurice with whiskey, oud, vanilla and exotic spices in a complex mix that blends Istanbul's exotic traditions with the modern world.

To meet the unending requests by fans worldwide for releasing a truly oriental scent that pleases even the ones who are not that much into oriental scents, Nishane presents the precious perfume named “Nefs,” a luxurious interpretation of the oriental notes.

Nefs (having Arabic roots) has meanings like "self, personality, ego, human soul or desire." In Turkish, it generally refers to the desires of the soul. The creative directors aimed to create a sensual scent to revive the fantasies told by the stories of One Thousand and One Nights of the Orient. NISHANE invites everyone to feel the breeze that comes from the East.

TOP NOTES: honey, violet, sage, saffron, fig
MIDDLE NOTES: rose, osmanthus, geranium, jasmine, nutmeg
BASE NOTES: amber, whiskey, oud, cinnamon, cedarwood, gurjum, leather, vanilla