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Nasomatto Blamage


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Take a walk on the wild side with an unconventional fragrance. Nasomatto Blamage extrait de parfum is a peculiar fragrance that challenges the norms of traditional perfumery. Fragrance for both women and men was created by Alessandro Gualtieri and released in 2014. Nasomatto describes it as an unwise and unfortunate creation resulting from bad judgment and care.

  • unconventional fragrance for men and women, challenging traditional perfumery
  • suitable for daring and bold individuals
  • perfect for special occasions where you want to make a statement

Composition of the fragrance
This scent is an intriguing and captivating blend of notes that create a unique and memorable olfactory experience. The top notes of birch provide a fresh and woody opening, while the heart notes of musk add a warm and animalistic touch. The base notes of white wood bring a creamy and smooth finish, while the leather accord adds a touch of luxury and sensuality.