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Moresque Oro 50ml [TESTER]


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*These are new & unused tester bottles. The fragrance and bottle are exactly the same as retail bottles - the only difference being the box they come in. Moresque tester bottles come in plain tester boxes and not the retail boxes. Perfect if you're buying for yourself and not as a gift!*

Splendor and majesty reach their highest definition through the creation of the Gold Collection’s fifth element. The most precious and earthly metal – that can be transformed into powder, liquefied or bent to become a jewel – translates an ideal. It expresses absolute beauty. It incarnates a whirlwind of perfection.

The bouquet is the olfactory narrative of melting gold becoming liquid at 1064 °C. The vulcanized raw materials are the protagonists of the heart and base notes of the fragrance. They recount this fascinating process with their warm and smoky hints, giving the composition a three-dimensional and unique characteristic.

Estragon, Artemisia, Angelica
Lily from Casablanca, Frangipane, Vulcanized Styrax
Myrrh, Vulcanized Incense, Ambrette Seeds, White Musk, Labdanum