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Kemi Tempest Pure Perfume 50ml


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Kemi Tempest Perfume by Kemi Blending Magic, Seduce everyone around you with an air of elegance and mystery after you've splashed on Kemi Tempest, a desirable women's fragrance. This intriguing perfume boasts citrus, herbal, powdery and woody accords for a deeply rich and magnetic aroma that attracts others from far and wide with its tantalizing, old-world sorcery. Top notes of orange, lemon, bergamot, lavender, petitgrain, ginger and elemi resin ignite the senses with their sparkling vibrancy, while middle notes of jasmine, rose, gurjan balsam, cypriol oil, cedar and cashmeran work to balance that zest with a soft, relaxing sophistication. Completing the concoction are base notes of amber, musk, oud, vetiver, patchouli and sandalwood, infusing the magical elixir with a smooth, warm sensuality that can't be ignored.

Designed by master perfumer Chris Maurice, this 2014 fragrance was quickly added to the favourites list of signature, unique scents from Italian perfume brand, Kemi Blending Magic. The regal gold colour and rounded shape of the perfume's bottle gives it a chic, refined quality that continues to evoke vintage majesty.