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Giorgio Armani Prive Bleu Turquoise Eau De Parfum 100ml

Giorgio Armani

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Captivated by the spiritual land and nature of India, Giorgio Armani dedicated the newest additions of La Collection des Terres Précieuses to his vision of India. Two fragrances for men and women alike, Bleu Turquoise and Bleu Lazuli are captured in deep blues to represent the spirit of the universe – the colour of the sky and the sea.

Bleu Turquoise is a perfume where the sky meets the sea, with salty mineral accords transitioning to addictive vanilla. The precious turquoise stone is one of the oldest gems in man’s history, a talisman of rulers, shamans, and warriors - a stone of protection and mental wellbeing.

Like true pieces of turquoise, each Bleu Turquoise bottle is unique.