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Creed Les Royales Exclusives Pure White Cologne 75ml


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Creed Pure White Cologne (fresh citrus) is a modern interpretation of the Victorian England. It is a well-groomed, elegant and well tailored creation. Pure White Cologne is the fresh scent of a light mist shrouding from the countryside of London on an early morning. The notes are fresh citrus from lemon and grapefruit with subtle hints of sweetness from pear, neroli and white musk. Powdery elegance of gray amber and light earthiness from Iranian galbanum. Inspired by William Turner's painting "Rain, Steam and Speed" which can be found in the National Gallery in London. "This is the most ambitious project in our 250 years. It makes a statement to the aesthetic world about our legacy, quality and collectability of fragrance as art "- Erwin Creed The collection Les Royal Exclusives comprises five fragrances created by Oliver Creed. Each fragrance is a unique and lavish creation. The bottles carries the family Creed's family crest and has a gilded cork. The timeless and elegant fragrances will take you on a magical journey through time and space. Classic. Modern. Subtle. Seductive. The inspiration for the creations comes from the Italian lakes, the sweetness of Tahiti, the ballet in Monaco, a cloud excursion and the final duel in the history of France in year 1967. Volume: 75 ml.