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Creed Carmina Eau de Parfum 75ml


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Delve into the luxurious embrace of Creed Carmina, a scent that tells a story of timeless sophistication. This eau de parfum harmoniously weaves the floral, woody, and amber notes into a captivating melody of fragrances.

Start your olfactory journey with tantalizing top notes of black cherry, saffron, and pink pepper, whisking you away to an alluring world. The heart unfolds with a delicate blend of rose de mai, violet, cashmere wood, and peony, painting a portrait of elegance and romance. This aromatic journey culminates in a base enriched with the deep undertones of frankincense, myrrh, amber, and musk, leaving an enduring impression on the senses.

For an intimate aura, apply to pulse points and experience a fragrance that gracefully lingers, reminding you of moments that are both delicate and profound.

*Fragrance Family:* Floral, Woody, Amber.