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BOHOBOCO Eternal Lily Amber 50ml


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ETERNAL LILY • AMBER perfume encapsulates the metaphysical will to flourish, the desire to explore the meaning of existence, grasp life along with the aspect of passing. The dignified and ethereal lily intertwined with the Sicilian mandarin symbolizing happiness and prosperity and the juicy richness of the Granny Smith apple, vibrating, hypnotize the energy of the future. The fertile lily also finds its way to the heart of the composition that is our inner world, creating a bouquet in its centre with an intoxicating rose and sweet jasmine. This chapter of the experience is enclosed in completely shaped warm amber, oriental patchouli and the enveloping scent of exotic Madagascar vanilla that symbolizes our abundance. The composition allows you to fully immerse yourself in life, consciously accepting changes and being ready for the future.

HEAD NOTES: Sicilian Mandarin, Granny Smith Apple
HEART NOTES: Lily, Turkish Rose, Jasmine
BASE NOTES:  Indonesian Patchouli, Amber, Madagascar Vanilla