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BDK Nuit de Sable 100ml (Tester) [Clearance]


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*BDK tester bottles are exactly the same as retail bottles. The only difference is the box they come in. Tester bottles come in a plain box and not the retail packaging. The tester bottles and brand new and unused.*

In this garden of the sumptuous Palais Royal, out of sight, the pages of a book are slowly turning. Intrigued, a silhouette advances to start the conversation. It is there, at the end of the afternoon, sitting on a bench in front of a sumptuous bed of roses with a scent mixed with sand, where they meet. Carefree of the time that passes, reality ends up catching them. The guard’s keys come to close the garden doors...

Top notes
Cardamom from Guatemala
Nutmeg from Indonesia

Heart notes
Absolute of rose from Turkey
Rose oxide
Hot sand accord

Base notes
Sandalwood from Australia
Absolute of Tonka bean