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Atelier Des Ors Riviera Lazuli 100ml Eau de Parfum [TESTER]

Atelier Des Ors

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*Atelier Des Ors tester bottles are exactly the same as retail bottles. The only difference is the box they come in. Tester bottles come in a plain box and not the retail packaging. The tester bottles are brand new and unused.*

Moments of pure bliss are suspended in time as rays of sunlight warm the azure hued water. An emblematic Riva Aquarama moves languidly through the dream-like scene as the sun hugs its wooden curves. Sprays of salt water revive the spirit, while a tart citronade provides all the refreshment you need.

Riviera Lazuli brings these moments to life with a fresh perspective. Precious woods complement citrus notes, while incense and hints of dried immortelle provide warmth with a touch of caramel spice. The scent of driftwood and sun-kissed skin permeate the air.

This moment stays with you, transformed into a picture postcard memory. A scent of pure indulgence and tantalising refreshment.