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Aventus FAQ

Is your Creed Aventus genuine?

Yes, of course! Like everything we sell, all of our Creed Aventus is genuine. We source it from distributors in France to keep the price low.

Is your Aventus cellophane wrapped? I didn't think Creed wrapped in cellophane?

Creed used to famously not cellophane wrap any of their fragrances, and any that were often caused concern as fakes notoriously often were wrapped. However in mid 2019, Creed began cellophane wrapping Aventus and some others. There are several YouTube videos that talk about this: contact us if you need some links!

I've seen talk about different batches. What's that all about?

Perfumes are made in large quantities - batches - where subtle differences may present themselves. Where these are made up of a large number of natural ingredients, the differences may be more striking. Much like wine, natural ingredients vary according to the time of year, the location where they're grown, climate and soil conditions, which make each batch slightly nuanced. Furthermore, regulations and ingredient availability sometimes enforce reformulation. This is part of Aventus' charm: collectors will actively seek out batches that are more fruity, more smoky, or otherwise. With Creed, on the bottle and box, you'll see code numbers like A4220H11N. The "A42" signifies the fragrance - Aventus in this case - and the next two numbers the production year. So "20" in this scenario is 2020. The final numbers, in this case "H11N" are the batch number from that year. The N signifies the batch is a reformulation after removing Lyral (see below), though Creed have recently dropped this moniker.


Yes. It's not uncommon for fragrances that have been out for a number of years to go through many reformulations. This can be due to availability of ingredients, modernising the fragrance, or sometimes through regulation. Bodies such as IFRA occasionally outlaw certain ingredients. Most famously for Aventus, this saw the removal of an ingredient called Lyral in 2019, causing Creed to add an "N" suffix to the batch numbers for a time.

What does this mean for the fragrance?

Fragrances are highly subjective. We've had some customers complain that recent batches of Aventus are nothing like their previous bottle bought some years earlier; others say there's hardly a difference.

We strongly recommend you sample a recent batch of Aventus prior to purchase as we're unable to accept for return any bottle that has had the cellophane removed.  As a convenience, our sister site has small samples available of Aventus and hundreds of other fragrances.