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Amouage Opus XV King Blue Eau de Parfum 100ml [TESTER] (WITH CAP)


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*These are new & unused tester bottles. The fragrance and bottle are exactly the same as retail bottles - the only difference being the box they come in. There is also usually etching on the back of the bottle to indicate it's a tester. Amouage tester bottles come in plain tester boxes and not the retail boxes. Perfect if you're buying for yourself and not as a gift!*

Inspired by the treasured memories of books, the Library Collection from Amouage aims to capture the art of living in fragrance form. Opus XV King Blue is an eau de parfum that experiments in the surreal, balancing between the real and unreal; with fire and mandarin, amber and oud, it establishes a woody scent that encapsulates a dream state with every spritz.